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culture of inquriyI value inquiry as a learning process and try to incorporate it as often as I can into my lessons. I believe that when students are challenged to ask “why?” and then seek the answers to their questions, the learning becomes more meaningful. The inquiry process also allows for a student-centered learning environment where each student can have a different question and seek the answer in a different way.

Uniform Motion Lab

In this lab, students used stop watches and remote control cars. They drove the remote control cars down the hall, which are next to impossible to drive uniformly, and chased after the car with a stop watch to record the time at various intervals. Needless to say, their data was less than desirable. However, the purpose behind this was to challenge the students to ask, “Why didn’t this work? What could be done differently next time?” This proved to be very successful and students were able to see inherent errors in the set up of the lab and design a better one.

IMF Stations

Bubble StationBuret Station

Bond Type & Characteristics Students were given several stations to go through to solidify their understanding of intermolecular forces present between molecules.

The IMF card sorting (to the left) is credited to Peggy Au.

Cornstarch Station

Gases Unit Hooks

The following activities were used to hook students into the gases unit, while also teaching students about Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws. Students were then asked to explain why the can crushed with respect to Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws.

In this demonstration, students were asked to use Boyle’s and Charles’ Law to describe why the lid of the paint can blew off.

Using Boyle’s & Charle’s Law, as well as Kinetic Molecular Theory, students were asked to explain how the egg is pushed through the flask and why the when placed in the vacuum it came out.


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